Started by Yomi


Overview GermanySmash updates 14.03.22:

  • Bundle update (security stuff)
  • Forum
  • Top Donators on the welcome site
  • Character skins (check out your profile)
  • You can now add a " discriminator" to your profile
  • You can now add a "Nintendo friend code" to your profile
  • You can now add a "Twitch username" to your profile
  • Improved meta tag descriptions
  • Fix: Changed some CHF to €


Overview updates 09.04.22:

  • Bundle update (security stuff)
  • Slightly improved player profile mobile view (better text breaks)
  • Added region filters in the calendar (and the tournament list)
  • Forum threads can now be shared by clicking the icon besides the thread title (to copy the URL)
  • Added a Twitter share button in the tournament details (visible when you have a twitter and joined an internal or weekly tournament)
  • Added a forum thread unread counter in the navigation (visible when logged in)
  • Reworked the mobile navigation: It now has two columns and can be closed by clicking into the page
  • When creating internal tournament: Registration deadline can now be the same as the start date
  • Translated the imprint (en, de, fr)
  • Bugfix: Specific community page was not reachable for some time


Overview updates 11.04.22:

  • New Teams page
  • Navigation update: Teams
  • Added joined teams in the player profile
  • Impl. roles -> Edit your profile to add your roles!
  • Added roles in the player profile
  • Added roles in the player list
  • Added roles in the player overview (statistics)
  • Marked admins with an admin role
  • Impl. team captain role privileges -> can create and edit a team


Overview updates 24.04.22:

  • Renamed "Teamkapitän" (de) role to "Team-Manager"
  • Renamed "Trainer" (de) role to "Coach"
  • Impl. tournament organizer role privileges -> can create and edit internal or weekly tournaments
  • Added a partners tab on the Info site
  • Updated some Info texts
  • Replaced the big registration icon on the welcome screen with a players icon when logged in
  • Force SSL


Overview updates 27.06.22:

  • Bundle update (security stuff)
  • Improved default locale handling (en)
  • Registration: Moved mandatory fields to the top
  • Registration: All checkboxes are now disabled by default (GDPR)
  • Registration: Added a data_agreement check
  • You can now add "Gender Pronouns" to your profile (replacing the gender field when filled)
  • Impl. Dark Mode (click the sun in the navigation)
  • ->
  • Added some length limitations on the player & user text fields
  • Added a limitation for the number of videos in a player profile (10)
  • Text update: "Seed" -> "Pre-seed"
  • Text update: "Very much" -> "A large amount"
  • Text update: "Firts" -> "First"
  • Added a delete team button (available for the team captain and admins)
  • Added a player csv export button (available for streamers and admins)
  • Improved the tournaments crawler so that it is now able to also update existing tournaments
  • Impl. support for multiday events in the calendar
  • Contact: Impl. a honeypod for spam bots