The Hesse region consists of the following federal states: Hesse, Rhineland Palatinate & Saarland


Hessen Smash (Ultimate) discord invite image
Hessen Smash (Ultimate)
180 Online
709 Members
Rheinland-Pfalz Smash discord invite image
Rheinland-Pfalz Smash
45 Online
155 Members
Smash Saarland discord invite image
Smash Saarland
40 Online
147 Members
German Smash Com discord invite image
German Smash Com
653 Online
3315 Members


The best players from the region can be found here: rankings#region_hessen

29 September Smash'n'Sip Refill #63 (Donnerstag) HE image
30 September Local Smash Dojo #51 RP image
07 October Smash Junited #7 HE image
08 October Unismash #8 - Revive! HE image
05 November THOLIX #5 - FINAL THOLIX SMASH 2022 SL image
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