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1996 Birth year
Male Gender
1 Best rank
254 Wins
118 Losses
8690 Points
Expert Self assessment
68.28 % Win/Loss
A large amount Experience


Ich bin der CherubMeutrich. Folgt mir auf Twitter und schaut meine Videos :)

Past Tournaments 2022

TGM Brawl Mini - powered by ITs-plus Kirchstraße 45 9th
Tech Thursday Series #47 Dickswall 16 13th
Smash'n'Sip Refill #40 Nieder-Ramstädter Str. 57B 2nd
Munich Smash Night 01.04.22 Adenauerstraße 2 1st
Munich eSports Weekly N+3 Rupprechtstraße 29 5th
Munich eSports Weekly N+2 Rupprechtstraße 29 2nd
Local Smash Dojo #24 Kirchstraße 45 2nd
Munich Smash Night 18.02.22 Adenauerstraße 2 2nd
DATEV Ultimate Series #1 - A new Era Holzschuherstraße 36 13th
Munich Smash Night 28.01.22 Adenauerstraße 2 2nd

Past Tournaments 2021

New Fuse, New Year 7th
Smash'n'Sip Refill #24 2nd
VirtuaSmash #16 7th
Bread&Butter For Glory Series #1 1st
Oktobersmashfest 2nd
Munich Smash Academia Mini 2 7th
DATEV Ultimate Series - Conquest (Circuit Final) 33rd
TGM eSports Unlimited 17th
D.U.S. Weekly #16 - 3rd
Tech Thursday Series #28 2nd
Munich eSports Reborn 4 2nd
Smash'n'Sip Refill #8 3rd
TGM Brawl #1 (Powered by ITs+) 25th
DATEV Ultimate Series - Prelude #5 33rd
D.U.S. Weekly #7 - 2nd
Munich Smash Academia Mini 17th
Tru4's Spotlight - Hessen's Finest 7th
Smash'n'Sip Refill #0 2nd

Past Tournaments 2020

Munich Smash Academia 6 25th
Soda Smash XVII 13th
Crunch Cup Smash Vol. 3 17th

Past Tournaments 2019

Smash'n'Sip #34,5: A Holiday Special 5th
Unismash #7- Ultimate Birthday 17th
Star FighterZ Ultimate #2 9th
Soda Smash XVI 17th
DUST - Dresden Ultimate Smash Tournament #1 9th
Loot Frenzy 5th
Unismash #5 Drowning in pools 5th
HTS Ultimate #2 5th
Smash'n'Sip #9 4th
Smash Dieburg 2nd
Smash'n'Sip #8 2nd
RLP Unlocked! 4th
AGON-Serie - Steal my Heart 7th
Smash'n'Sip #2 5th
UniSmash #3 2nd
9. KSC 3rd
AGON - Join the Battle 7th
UEF Ultimate #5 3rd
Smashwick #3 65th
UEF Ultimate #4 2nd
Unismash #2 3rd
UEF Ultimate #3 13th
UEF Ultimate #2 1st
UEF Ultimate #1 3rd
ULTIMATE MAYHEM 2 - Clutch23 SMASH Ultimate Tournament 13th
Soda Smash XIII 5th
UniSmash 4th
Seal the Deal - Ultimate 1st

Joined teams

Star FighterZ SFZ
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