Smash Bros. Germany

Welcome to Smash Bros. Germany, your entry point into the German Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament scene.

You can find the upcoming events in the Tournaments or in the Calendar.

Your regional community should be able to be found under Communities. There you will also meet contacts from your region.

Log in or register here, to be able to use all functions.

You can find the official Power Ranking with the best players in Germany under Rankings.

Here you can find all Players registered on GermanySmash and here you can find the Player overview.

Information about GermanySmash can be found under About.

If you want to connect to the german Melee community, visit German Melee.

Top donators

looks_one A$AP Voffi 10.00
looks_two Yano 10.00
So ne wichtige Seite eigentlich, sehr geile Idee und danke fü...
looks_3 --- 5.00
super Seite!!
looks_4 Larry 5.00
looks_5 MOTLEKNO 5.00
Eine sehr gute Seite. Die Super Smash Szene hat einen sehr to...
looks_6 Krazzy 5.00
Very well done!
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