Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
captain_falcon icon
Doing okay A little 60.0 %
jigglypuff icon young_link icon mario icon
Advanced A lot 57.14 %
kirby icon kirby icon kirby icon
Intermediate A lot 42.35 %
snake icon
Otherworldly A little 66.67 %
SWN | Furou
banjo_and_kazooie icon sora icon luigi icon
Advanced Some 64.52 %
captain_falcon icon ike icon
Doing okay A little 60.0 %
kirby icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
WeS | Beat
sephiroth icon mega_man icon
Beginner A lot 60.98 %
greninja icon inkling icon lucas icon
Doing okay A large amount -
KC | NocTwoo
sora icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
pyra_and_mythra icon snake icon sora icon
Intermediate A little -
greninja icon byleth icon
Doing okay A little -
KC | Big Man
chrom icon roy icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Intermediate A little -
lucas icon pichu icon dr_mario icon
Noob None -
sheik icon sheik icon sheik icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
joker icon byleth icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay A little -
link icon
Doing okay A lot 54.05 %
marth icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
pikachu icon banjo_and_kazooie icon king_k_rool icon
Intermediate Some 53.85 %
incineroar icon king_k_rool icon
Intermediate Some 20.0 %
bowser_jr icon
Advanced A little 56.52 %
sephiroth icon ike icon
Noob A lot 64.21 %
pyra_and_mythra icon corrin icon byleth icon
Intermediate A little 40.0 %
fox icon snake icon
Advanced Some 67.19 %
snake icon
Doing okay A little 55.56 %
mii_brawler icon
Advanced A lot 64.29 %
AllStars | Soul
lucina icon zero_suit_samus icon
Intermediate A little -
joker icon sheik icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay None -
cloud icon palutena icon joker icon
Doing okay None -
DOX | Tike
samus icon dark_samus icon mewtwo icon
Advanced Some 70.27 %
byleth icon min_min icon palutena icon
Intermediate Some 0.0 %
zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay A little 46.67 %
dark_pit icon
Expert A large amount 74.5 %
mega_man icon
Noob Some 47.5 %
BJS | Luchalitten
hero icon incineroar icon
Advanced A lot 67.25 %
terry icon
Expert A large amount 77.14 %
pichu icon
Intermediate A lot 47.17 %
steve icon pyra_and_mythra icon min_min icon
Noob A large amount 70.65 %
lucina icon ike icon
Advanced A lot 76.19 %
mewtwo icon
Intermediate A lot 45.83 %
cl23 | Tomenimo
pyra_and_mythra icon palutena icon daisy icon
Noob A lot 81.63 %
SSP | Longo
rob icon byleth icon cloud icon
Otherworldly A large amount 75.71 %
jigglypuff icon
Intermediate A lot 43.33 %
EZ | Ganis
mega_man icon ryu icon mega_man icon
Beginner None -
THB | Luse
mii_brawler icon
Noob Some -
yoshi icon
Intermediate Some 0.0 %
mewtwo icon
Advanced A little -
little_mac icon rob icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Advanced None -
inkling icon captain_falcon icon snake icon
Advanced A little -
roy icon chrom icon mewtwo icon
Advanced A lot 58.77 %
Gamer tag Federal state Age Gender Comment
captain_falcon icon Gandragoon BY image Bavaria 25 Male
jigglypuff icon Dawg NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male
kirby icon Rastlos NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 21 Male
snake icon Tapsy NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 17 Male
banjo_and_kazooie icon SWN | Furou BY image Bavaria 24 Male
captain_falcon icon Duhrito BY image Bavaria 22 Male
kirby icon masterhand Male
sephiroth icon WeS | Beat NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male #Forenpause
greninja icon Silvanuz NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 31 Male
sora icon KC | NocTwoo HB image Bremen 26 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Shaiko RP image Rhineland Palatinate 20 Male
greninja icon scyle NI image Lower Saxony Female
chrom icon KC | Big Man NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male
lucas icon miuboy BE image Berlin 16 Male
sheik icon Mejo BE image Berlin 25 Male
joker icon FliXath NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 15 Male Hey bin relativ neu in der Smash Community und offen für ...
link icon jnkos NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 21 Male
marth icon Glost NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 26 Male
pikachu icon PAIN. MV image Mecklenburg Western Pomerania 30 Male
oNoise SN image Saxony 27 Other DUST TO Team
bowser_jr icon DisasterMarkus NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 26 Male
sephiroth icon Nir NW image Northrhine-Westphalia Male sheesh
pyra_and_mythra icon Neviode HH image Hamburg 16 Male Breathing is fun.
fox icon Hiro RP image Rhineland Palatinate 20 Male Hallo, ich bin Hiro
snake icon DenniS NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 31 Male
mii_brawler icon Daphung SH image Schleswig Holstein 21 Male ❤️ BSW ❤️
lucina icon AllStars | Soul MV image Mecklenburg Western Pomerania 19 Male
joker icon AQUA GRAVE NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 18 Male
cloud icon [E]rik BY image Bavaria 21 Male
samus icon DOX | Tike SN image Saxony 20 Male Bubatz 👍
byleth icon domgedom HE image Hesse 22 Male Bin für paar Games immer zu haben.
zero_suit_samus icon Lukiro BY image Bavaria 30 Male Content Creator auf Twitch.
dark_pit icon Safariwisserin HH image Hamburg 31 Female
mega_man icon DNL SH image Schleswig Holstein Male
hero icon BJS | Luchalitten NI image Lower Saxony 34 Male
terry icon Junes BW image Baden-Württemberg 22 Male
pichu icon Bluetenx BY image Bavaria 20 Male Pi-chu
steve icon Ente BY image Bavaria 18 Male Jank
lucina icon Nagl BY image Bavaria 25 Male
mewtwo icon Fanabi HE image Hesse 29 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon cl23 | Tomenimo RP image Rhineland Palatinate 26 Male Ich bin der echte Nico mit k
rob icon SSP | Longo BE image Berlin 25 Male
jigglypuff icon Rediyu SN image Saxony 24 Other
mega_man icon EZ | Ganis
THB | Luse RP image Rhineland Palatinate 16 Male Recently beat Lucia in Wii Sports Resorts tabletennis. N...
yoshi icon Hydra NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 30 Male
mewtwo icon Nyaren NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male
little_mac icon LainbowUnicoln HE image Hesse weeb
inkling icon Benniburito RP image Rhineland Palatinate Male
roy icon Cnor HH image Hamburg 28 Male
Gamer tag Roles
captain_falcon icon Gandragoon Player
jigglypuff icon Dawg Player
kirby icon Rastlos Player
snake icon Tapsy Player
banjo_and_kazooie icon SWN | Furou Player
captain_falcon icon Duhrito Player
kirby icon masterhand Player
sephiroth icon WeS | Beat Player
greninja icon Silvanuz Player
sora icon KC | NocTwoo Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Shaiko Player
greninja icon scyle Player
chrom icon KC | Big Man Player
lucas icon miuboy Player
sheik icon Mejo Player
joker icon FliXath Player
link icon jnkos Player
marth icon Glost Player
pikachu icon PAIN. Player
oNoise Player
bowser_jr icon DisasterMarkus Player
sephiroth icon Nir Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Neviode Player
fox icon Hiro Player
snake icon DenniS Player
mii_brawler icon Daphung Player
lucina icon AllStars | Soul Player
joker icon AQUA GRAVE Player
cloud icon [E]rik Player
samus icon DOX | Tike Player
byleth icon domgedom Player
zero_suit_samus icon Lukiro Player
dark_pit icon Safariwisserin Player
mega_man icon DNL Player
hero icon BJS | Luchalitten Player
terry icon Junes Player
pichu icon Bluetenx Player
steve icon Ente Player
lucina icon Nagl Player
mewtwo icon Fanabi Player
pyra_and_mythra icon cl23 | Tomenimo Player
rob icon SSP | Longo Player
jigglypuff icon Rediyu Player
mega_man icon EZ | Ganis Player
THB | Luse Player
yoshi icon Hydra Player
mewtwo icon Nyaren Player
little_mac icon LainbowUnicoln Player
inkling icon Benniburito Player
roy icon Cnor Player
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