Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
joker icon piranha_plant icon falco icon
Beginner None -
joker icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Expert A large amount 67.68 %
joker icon pyra_and_mythra icon pokemon_trainer icon
Otherworldly Some -
joker icon pyra_and_mythra icon wolf icon
Intermediate Some 36.36 %
ECR | yung aegi
joker icon rob icon bayonetta icon
Advanced A large amount 51.28 %
joker icon sheik icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay None -
joker icon terry icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
joker icon wolf icon ike icon
Intermediate A little -
joker icon wolf icon
Noob None -
joker icon
Doing okay A lot 23.26 %
WUE | cloud
joker icon
Beginner None -
UwU Zelda
joker icon
Doing okay None -
joker icon
Doing okay None -
joker icon
Intermediate None -
WAG | Danny
joker icon
Advanced A lot -
kazuya icon
Advanced A little 42.86 %
kazuya icon cloud icon mario icon
Expert None -
kazuya icon cloud icon
Advanced Some -
SBF | Semiron
kazuya icon kazuya icon kazuya icon
Doing okay A large amount 64.29 %
kazuya icon king_k_rool icon little_mac icon
Advanced None -
SH | Marwinismus
kazuya icon rob icon greninja icon
Advanced Some -
kazuya icon terry icon corrin icon
Doing okay None -
kazuya icon terry icon
Expert Some -
kazuya icon terry icon
Beginner None -
kazuya icon
Beginner None -
WAG | Kenshō
ken icon mario icon
Advanced Some -
ken icon ryu icon
Advanced A large amount 74.49 %
ken icon ryu icon terry icon
Beginner None -
king_dedede icon
Advanced Some -
king_dedede icon
Intermediate A little 36.36 %
EX | Shakkou
king_dedede icon bowser_jr icon little_mac icon
Intermediate A little -
king_dedede icon dr_mario icon
Advanced A little -
SWN | Weegee
king_dedede icon ice_climbers icon villager icon
Advanced Some -
king_dedede icon king_k_rool icon hero icon
Advanced None -
king_dedede icon little_mac icon incineroar icon
Intermediate None -
king_dedede icon mr_game_and_watch icon yoshi icon
Expert Some -
king_dedede icon ness icon
Intermediate A little -
Amino | Eikos
king_dedede icon olimar icon
Doing okay A lot 57.97 %
king_dedede icon pichu icon corrin icon
Intermediate Some -
king_dedede icon pyra_and_mythra icon kirby icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
king_dedede icon
Intermediate A little -
king_dedede icon
Advanced A lot -
DRC | Draco
king_k_rool icon cloud icon
Intermediate A little 20.0 %
DRC | TheBandit
king_k_rool icon corrin icon
Intermediate Some -
CC | Demon
king_k_rool icon ganondorf icon
Doing okay Some 63.16 %
king_k_rool icon king_dedede icon toon_link icon
Intermediate A little -
king_k_rool icon king_k_rool icon king_k_rool icon
Advanced A little -
king_k_rool icon little_mac icon falco icon
Intermediate None -
king_k_rool icon piranha_plant icon rob icon
Intermediate None -
king_k_rool icon piranha_plant icon
Intermediate Some -
Gamer tag Federal state Age Gender Comment
joker icon Jo RP image Rhineland Palatinate 13 Male
joker icon Mino HE image Hesse 25 Male
joker icon Near HE image Hesse 25
joker icon Gil NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male
joker icon ECR | yung aegi NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male Spiele seit 2019 und bin sehr oft Offline anzutreffen :)
joker icon AQUA GRAVE NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 19 Male
joker icon Aquario NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male
joker icon dough_ski NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male Stream: YouTube: https...
joker icon Taiten SL image Saarland 31 Male
joker icon Geronimorino NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 28 Male TO vom unregelmäßigem 'Lofi Smash' in Bielefeld!
joker icon WUE | cloud BY image Bavaria 25 Male
joker icon UwU Zelda NI image Lower Saxony 19 Male
joker icon Vomper BY image Bavaria 20 Male
joker icon Rappi NI image Lower Saxony 20 Male
joker icon WAG | Danny 23 Male
kazuya icon KogaMeijin BW image Baden-Württemberg 26 Male
kazuya icon Aryzent HE image Hesse 24 Male
kazuya icon Katana NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 19 Male
kazuya icon SBF | Semiron NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 29 Male
kazuya icon Aviixx 16 Male You can do whatever you want as long as you put your hear...
kazuya icon SH | Marwinismus HE image Hesse 19 Male
kazuya icon Emmi RP image Rhineland Palatinate 20 Female
kazuya icon n1cksmash BY image Bavaria 17 Male Heißt er jetzt nickSmash oder nicksMash fragen über Fragen
kazuya icon noraku
kazuya icon KinoHime TH image Thuringia 24 Other
ken icon WAG | Kenshō BY image Bavaria 22 Male
ken icon Beek BY image Bavaria 24 Male Folgt mir auf Twitter ^^
ken icon Meigu NW image Northrhine-Westphalia Male
king_dedede icon TypDa BY image Bavaria 23 Male Dmd mich auf Discord für Games
king_dedede icon Manbubies NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male
king_dedede icon EX | Shakkou NI image Lower Saxony 31 Male
king_dedede icon Desgu NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 18 Male print("hello world") I also play JRPGs like Persona and ...
king_dedede icon SWN | Weegee NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male
king_dedede icon cd1 NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 38 Male
king_dedede icon cryptex TH image Thuringia 21 Male random wifi warrior
king_dedede icon BR1CKY TH image Thuringia 22 Male
king_dedede icon Nikita TH image Thuringia 16 Male
king_dedede icon Amino | Eikos NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male Epeo😍😍😍
king_dedede icon flora HH image Hamburg 27 Female
king_dedede icon Zane BE image Berlin 22 Male
king_dedede icon XenonBeast NI image Lower Saxony 21 Male
king_dedede icon Puffy HE image Hesse 17 Male Best Dedede
king_k_rool icon DRC | Draco NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 21 Male
king_k_rool icon DRC | TheBandit Male
king_k_rool icon CC | Demon RP image Rhineland Palatinate Male Leader of Cracked Crocodiles
king_k_rool icon DB01 NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male ccg, never chase your dreams.!.
king_k_rool icon K.Rule34 HE image Hesse 20 Male
king_k_rool icon SirFatiz BE image Berlin 15 Male
king_k_rool icon arbi NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male
king_k_rool icon Rylind3n NI image Lower Saxony 15 Male
Gamer tag Roles
joker icon Jo Player
joker icon Mino Player
joker icon Near Player
joker icon Gil Player
joker icon ECR | yung aegi Player
joker icon AQUA GRAVE Player
joker icon Aquario Player
joker icon dough_ski Player
joker icon Taiten Player
joker icon Geronimorino Caster Player Streamer TO
joker icon WUE | cloud Player
joker icon UwU Zelda Player
joker icon Vomper Player
joker icon Rappi Player
joker icon WAG | Danny Player
kazuya icon KogaMeijin Player
kazuya icon Aryzent Player
kazuya icon Katana Player
kazuya icon SBF | Semiron Player
kazuya icon Aviixx Player
kazuya icon SH | Marwinismus Player
kazuya icon Emmi Player
kazuya icon n1cksmash Player Streamer
kazuya icon noraku Player
kazuya icon KinoHime Player
ken icon WAG | Kenshō Player
ken icon Beek Player
ken icon Meigu Player
king_dedede icon TypDa Player
king_dedede icon Manbubies Player
king_dedede icon EX | Shakkou Designer Player
king_dedede icon Desgu Player
king_dedede icon SWN | Weegee Player
king_dedede icon cd1 Player
king_dedede icon cryptex Player
king_dedede icon BR1CKY Content creator Player Streamer
king_dedede icon Nikita Player
king_dedede icon Amino | Eikos Player
king_dedede icon flora Player
king_dedede icon Zane Player
king_dedede icon XenonBeast Player
king_dedede icon Puffy Player
king_k_rool icon DRC | Draco Player
king_k_rool icon DRC | TheBandit Player
king_k_rool icon CC | Demon Designer Player Team manager
king_k_rool icon DB01 Player
king_k_rool icon K.Rule34 Content creator Player
king_k_rool icon SirFatiz Player
king_k_rool icon arbi Player
king_k_rool icon Rylind3n Content creator Player Streamer
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