Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
isabelle icon piranha_plant icon mario icon
Doing okay None -
pyra_and_mythra icon byleth icon cloud icon
Doing okay Some 15.38 %
SWN | King_kong
bowser icon pit icon
Advanced Some -
byleth icon donkey_kong icon captain_falcon icon
Doing okay None -
SG | Crosshair07
toon_link icon young_link icon link icon
Advanced A large amount 52.96 %
SWN | Weegee
king_dedede icon ice_climbers icon villager icon
Advanced Some -
lucas icon king_k_rool icon
Noob None -
bowser icon
Beginner None -
captain_falcon icon ken icon
Intermediate None -
pichu icon sheik icon kazuya icon
Doing okay A lot 23.08 %
Auricol | Duncαn
lucario icon
Intermediate Some -
MF | Tari
toon_link icon lucina icon incineroar icon
Doing okay A lot 28.89 %
ECR | yung aegi
joker icon rob icon bayonetta icon
Advanced A large amount 51.28 %
peach icon daisy icon bayonetta icon
Advanced A large amount 81.79 %
Chili P
inkling icon
Intermediate A lot 37.7 %
ECR | Tunbi
toon_link icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Intermediate A large amount 63.41 %
BERG | Sirjon
zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay A large amount 82.17 %
AF | SkWiirrel
duck_hunt icon mii_swordfighter icon
Expert A lot 71.43 %
inkling icon donkey_kong icon
Advanced A large amount 46.51 %
pokemon_trainer icon
Intermediate A lot 50.54 %
BERG | Hibuto
sheik icon roy icon palutena icon
Advanced A large amount 72.09 %
greninja icon sora icon sephiroth icon
Intermediate Some 40.0 %
NJ | Mangle
pokemon_trainer icon
Advanced A large amount 46.55 %
inkling icon
Expert A large amount 60.9 %
zero_suit_samus icon
Noob A large amount 38.73 %
peach icon palutena icon falco icon
Intermediate A lot 52.94 %
ridley icon sephiroth icon fox icon
Advanced Some 60.0 %
inkling icon pokemon_trainer icon
Intermediate None -
king_dedede icon king_k_rool icon hero icon
Advanced None -
king_k_rool icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
wolf icon falco icon
Intermediate A lot 54.39 %
Amino | Eikos
king_dedede icon olimar icon
Doing okay A lot 57.97 %
lucario icon
Doing okay A large amount 33.64 %
jigglypuff icon marth icon
Doing okay A lot 35.09 %
FRE | Zwirrklop
samus icon
Advanced A lot 72.5 %
mewtwo icon mario icon
Intermediate A lot 33.33 %
NDO | Veo
steve icon steve icon steve icon
Intermediate Some 35.0 %
pikachu icon
Noob A lot 40.3 %
falco icon roy icon random icon
Advanced A lot 70.53 %
pokemon_trainer icon samus icon
Intermediate Some 43.55 %
TG | Javes
inkling icon steve icon dr_mario icon
Noob Some 38.71 %
PP | Wings
wario icon
Expert A lot 74.65 %
fox icon
Advanced A large amount 53.62 %
lucina icon pyra_and_mythra icon byleth icon
Doing okay A large amount 46.95 %
pokemon_trainer icon
Intermediate Some 38.89 %
dark_pit icon pit icon ganondorf icon
Advanced Some 37.5 %
joker icon byleth icon
Intermediate A large amount 57.14 %
bowser icon zero_suit_samus icon king_dedede icon
Intermediate A lot 34.0 %
KC | BaitsDaDust
roy icon shulk icon
Doing okay A lot 8.33 %
sora icon
Doing okay A lot 27.59 %
Gamer tag Federal state Age Gender Comment
isabelle icon D4ME S0N MV image Mecklenburg Western Pomerania 18 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Fr0stdrak3 NI image Lower Saxony 21 Male
bowser icon SWN | King_kong BE image Berlin Male
byleth icon cyborg555 HE image Hesse 20 Male
toon_link icon SG | Crosshair07 NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male
king_dedede icon SWN | Weegee NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male
lucas icon Crezer ST image Saxony-Anhalt 21 Male
bowser icon Zyrus_298 NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male
captain_falcon icon Nicbert SH image Schleswig Holstein 32 Male
pichu icon Santia NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Female Ich fühl mich in DE Smash nicht willkommen und hab deshal...
lucario icon Auricol | Duncαn NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 33 Male
toon_link icon MF | Tari HE image Hesse 27 Male
joker icon ECR | yung aegi NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male Spiele seit 2019 und bin sehr oft Offline anzutreffen :)
peach icon RobinGG SH image Schleswig Holstein 28 Male
inkling icon Chili P NI image Lower Saxony Male
toon_link icon ECR | Tunbi NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male
zero_suit_samus icon BERG | Sirjon NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male
duck_hunt icon AF | SkWiirrel 35 Male
inkling icon bBelcampo HH image Hamburg 26 Male
pokemon_trainer icon Rob SH image Schleswig Holstein 26 Male
sheik icon BERG | Hibuto SN image Saxony 22 Male
greninja icon Sokori NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 29 Male
pokemon_trainer icon NJ | Mangle BY image Bavaria 21 Male Moin Meister
inkling icon Solo NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 21 Male
zero_suit_samus icon Saiko BY image Bavaria 25 Male
peach icon vaLy NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 26 Male peach ist high tier
ridley icon Luu NI image Lower Saxony 20 Other Heya
inkling icon K'K BW image Baden-Württemberg 20 Male Hey, ich bin nur etwas interessiert and local spielern/to...
king_dedede icon cd1 NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 38 Male
king_k_rool icon Bizeus NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 29 Male
wolf icon Fogl NI image Lower Saxony 22 Male Will Offline spielen und wohne am Arsch der Welt. Bitte w...
king_dedede icon Amino | Eikos NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male Epeo😍😍😍
lucario icon Link NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 28 Male
jigglypuff icon Kotou NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male
samus icon FRE | Zwirrklop BW image Baden-Württemberg 26 Male 23♂ || People call me Basti || Smash Player for @eSportsF...
Raph HE image Hesse 24 Male Suche Smasher im Odenwaldkreis !!!!
steve icon NDO | Veo BE image Berlin 21 Male
pikachu icon Chummer BW image Baden-Württemberg 29 Male
falco icon Mallekönig SH image Schleswig Holstein 25 Male
pokemon_trainer icon Delayzz HE image Hesse 17 Male Mein Ziel für 2022 ist es top 10 Hessen zu werden^^
inkling icon TG | Javes HE image Hesse 21 Male Best Steve in my house
wario icon PP | Wings SL image Saarland 19 Male
fox icon Ashman HH image Hamburg 25 Male
lucina icon ApeX NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male
pokemon_trainer icon SK NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male Ich maine Pokemon Trainer, komme aus Köln und spiele seit...
dark_pit icon Nachtland NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male CEO of moves not working Offline in Köln
joker icon Therion HH image Hamburg 25 Male
bowser icon Duelly NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 30 Male
roy icon KC | BaitsDaDust NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male Hey, ich bin Baits! Ich streame auf Twitch! https://www.t...
sora icon Jakael RP image Rhineland Palatinate 27 Male Ehhhh ich find Smash ganz cool, falls du das siehst dann ...
Gamer tag Roles
isabelle icon D4ME S0N Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Fr0stdrak3 Player
bowser icon SWN | King_kong Player
byleth icon cyborg555 Player
toon_link icon SG | Crosshair07 Player
king_dedede icon SWN | Weegee Player
lucas icon Crezer Player
bowser icon Zyrus_298 Player
captain_falcon icon Nicbert Player
pichu icon Santia Player
lucario icon Auricol | Duncαn Player
toon_link icon MF | Tari Player
joker icon ECR | yung aegi Player
peach icon RobinGG Player
inkling icon Chili P Player
toon_link icon ECR | Tunbi Player
zero_suit_samus icon BERG | Sirjon Player
duck_hunt icon AF | SkWiirrel Player
inkling icon bBelcampo Player
pokemon_trainer icon Rob Player
sheik icon BERG | Hibuto Player
greninja icon Sokori Player
pokemon_trainer icon NJ | Mangle Player
inkling icon Solo Player
zero_suit_samus icon Saiko Player
peach icon vaLy Player
ridley icon Luu Player
inkling icon K'K Player
king_dedede icon cd1 Player
king_k_rool icon Bizeus Player
wolf icon Fogl Player
king_dedede icon Amino | Eikos Player
lucario icon Link Player
jigglypuff icon Kotou Player
samus icon FRE | Zwirrklop Player
Raph Player
steve icon NDO | Veo Player
pikachu icon Chummer Player
falco icon Mallekönig Player
pokemon_trainer icon Delayzz Player
inkling icon TG | Javes Player
wario icon PP | Wings Player
fox icon Ashman Player
lucina icon ApeX Player
pokemon_trainer icon SK Player
dark_pit icon Nachtland Player
joker icon Therion Player
bowser icon Duelly Player
roy icon KC | BaitsDaDust Player
sora icon Jakael Player
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