Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
byleth icon min_min icon palutena icon
Intermediate Some 0.0 %
inkling icon captain_falcon icon snake icon
Advanced A little -
pokemon_trainer icon king_k_rool icon
Advanced A lot 51.25 %
inkling icon inkling icon inkling icon
Intermediate A large amount 59.71 %
TSM | Arcn
greninja icon sonic icon
Doing okay A large amount 59.66 %
terry icon
Expert A large amount 77.14 %
zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay A little 46.67 %
lucina icon ike icon
Advanced A lot 76.19 %
robin icon byleth icon daisy icon
Beginner None -
peach icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Intermediate Some 33.33 %
mewtwo icon
Intermediate A lot 45.83 %
Fumino Doing okay A little -
captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon
Intermediate A lot 48.08 %
corrin icon banjo_and_kazooie icon inkling icon
Intermediate None -
pac_man icon pikachu icon
Advanced Some -
NOI | Repus
joker icon donkey_kong icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Otherworldly A lot 65.41 %
kirby icon fox icon joker icon
Doing okay Some 26.32 %
min_min icon
Expert A large amount 57.73 %
DRC | Raidan
lucas icon kazuya icon
Intermediate Some -
wario icon
Intermediate A lot 29.55 %
mr_game_and_watch icon sora icon banjo_and_kazooie icon
Expert A large amount 68.28 %
BERG | Hibuto
sheik icon roy icon palutena icon
Advanced A large amount 72.09 %
jigglypuff icon
Intermediate A lot 43.33 %
rosalina_and_luma icon daisy icon
Doing okay Some -
inkling icon
Advanced A lot 57.78 %
DOX | Tike
samus icon dark_samus icon mewtwo icon
Advanced Some 70.27 %
cloud icon palutena icon joker icon
Doing okay None -
SG | Minedrix
mega_man icon king_dedede icon byleth icon
Intermediate A little -
悪玉 | Saphira_666
pyra_and_mythra icon zelda icon
Doing okay A little -
dark_pit icon pit icon ganondorf icon
Advanced Some 37.5 %
roy icon mega_man icon
Advanced A little -
AHS | Carii
joker icon
Doing okay A large amount 5.0 %
DD | Cookies
shulk icon rob icon
Intermediate A large amount 48.97 %
random icon
Doing okay Some 60.0 %
UI | TMario
bowser_jr icon pyra_and_mythra icon inkling icon
Advanced A lot 67.43 %
yoshi icon dark_samus icon captain_falcon icon
Advanced A lot 46.0 %
BERG | Sirjon
zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay A large amount 82.17 %
SC | ozan
ness icon byleth icon yoshi icon
Expert A lot -
RCADIA | Niceface
link icon palutena icon
Expert A large amount 66.22 %
MF | Tosan_Yu
mii_gunner icon mii_brawler icon
Intermediate A lot 62.05 %
pyra_and_mythra icon
Intermediate A large amount 36.97 %
fox icon marth icon
Intermediate A lot 35.29 %
AllStars | Ruisu
ryu icon diddy_kong icon cloud icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
joker icon ike icon bowser icon
Doing okay A little -
SSP | Longo
rob icon byleth icon cloud icon
Otherworldly A large amount 75.71 %
RLB | Takahashi
wario icon min_min icon
Noob A large amount 67.86 %
daisy icon peach icon
Intermediate Some -
mega_man icon
Noob Some 47.5 %
ness icon
Doing okay A lot 47.19 %
roy icon chrom icon min_min icon
Noob A large amount 77.09 %
Gamer tag Federal state Age Gender Comment
byleth icon domgedom HE image Hesse 23 Male Bin für paar Games immer zu haben.
inkling icon Benniburito RP image Rhineland Palatinate Male
pokemon_trainer icon FrappyChoclate HE image Hesse 28 Male TO in Hessen
inkling icon Bair! BW image Baden-Württemberg 22 Male
greninja icon TSM | Arcn BY image Bavaria 30 Male
terry icon Junes BW image Baden-Württemberg 23 Male
zero_suit_samus icon Lukiro BY image Bavaria 31 Male Content Creator auf Twitch.
lucina icon Nagl BY image Bavaria 26 Male
robin icon Bibbi HE image Hesse Female
peach icon Graivend BE image Berlin 19 Other Irgendwann an Spitze.
mewtwo icon Fanabi HE image Hesse 30 Male
SN image Saxony Male
captain_falcon icon slowmo NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 27 Male Bin täglich am grinden, melde dich wenn du zocken willst!
corrin icon Skippy SN image Saxony 28 Male
pac_man icon LuckyJero BW image Baden-Württemberg 31 Male Sup! Ich bin Jerome oder Jero, ziemlich alt 👁👄👁 und ko...
joker icon NOI | Repus SH image Schleswig Holstein 29 Male
kirby icon KIRB NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 19 Male
min_min icon Narayan NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 30 Male
lucas icon DRC | Raidan BB image Brandenburg 17 Male
wario icon Nisho BE image Berlin 26 Male
mr_game_and_watch icon Meutrich BY image Bavaria 28 Male Ich bin der CherubMeutrich. Folgt mir auf Twitter und s...
sheik icon BERG | Hibuto SN image Saxony 22 Male
jigglypuff icon Rediyu SN image Saxony 25 Other
rosalina_and_luma icon Gobohund NI image Lower Saxony 20 Male Hi I'm Gobohund
inkling icon Mucks BE image Berlin 28 Male
samus icon DOX | Tike SN image Saxony 21 Male Bubatz 👍
cloud icon [E]rik BY image Bavaria 22 Male
mega_man icon SG | Minedrix NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male ~ Lemon ~
pyra_and_mythra icon 悪玉 | Saphira_666 RP image Rhineland Palatinate 22 Female
dark_pit icon Nachtland NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male CEO of moves not working Offline in Köln
roy icon inklink89 MV image Mecklenburg Western Pomerania 21 Male
joker icon AHS | Carii RP image Rhineland Palatinate 33 Female AHS Clanlead und im TO Team für die GHZO in Trier
shulk icon DD | Cookies NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male Head-TO für Groß-Düren, dem Ort für die selbsternannten b...
random icon Cial RP image Rhineland Palatinate 22 Female
bowser_jr icon UI | TMario HE image Hesse 22 Male H, ich bin der local Bowser Jr/Aegis/Inkling Spieler mit ...
yoshi icon Ebay HE image Hesse 19 Male Ich lass Nacken knacken ich geh nackig kacken
zero_suit_samus icon BERG | Sirjon NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 24 Male
ness icon SC | ozan SH image Schleswig Holstein 18 Male 1v1 schreib Discord :) Außerdem Owner von Just4fun 『𝕊𝕞...
link icon RCADIA | Niceface SH image Schleswig Holstein 26 Male Heyyyyyyyyyyyy
mii_gunner icon MF | Tosan_Yu RP image Rhineland Palatinate 28 Male Aren't you wasting your time?
pyra_and_mythra icon Ani4Real NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 27 Female Hallo, ich bin Ani vier Echt. Wenn du im Raume Köln Event...
fox icon Heu HE image Hesse 26 Male
ryu icon AllStars | Ruisu NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 19 Male scurr
joker icon Toaster154 SN image Saxony 23 Male
rob icon SSP | Longo BE image Berlin 26 Male
wario icon RLB | Takahashi BY image Bavaria 22 Male
daisy icon Konrad NI image Lower Saxony 21 Male überlegt mal ihr bekommt eine Freundin und ihr erzählt de...
mega_man icon DNL SH image Schleswig Holstein Male
ness icon PJ HE image Hesse 25 Male
roy icon Rinor NI image Lower Saxony 24 Male Hrr
Gamer tag Roles
byleth icon domgedom Player
inkling icon Benniburito Player
pokemon_trainer icon FrappyChoclate Player TO
inkling icon Bair! Player
greninja icon TSM | Arcn Player
terry icon Junes Player
zero_suit_samus icon Lukiro Player
lucina icon Nagl Player
robin icon Bibbi Player
peach icon Graivend Player
mewtwo icon Fanabi Player
captain_falcon icon slowmo Player
corrin icon Skippy Player
pac_man icon LuckyJero Player
joker icon NOI | Repus Player
kirby icon KIRB Player
min_min icon Narayan Player
lucas icon DRC | Raidan Player
wario icon Nisho Content creator Player Streamer
mr_game_and_watch icon Meutrich Player
sheik icon BERG | Hibuto Player
jigglypuff icon Rediyu Player
rosalina_and_luma icon Gobohund Player
inkling icon Mucks Player
samus icon DOX | Tike Player
cloud icon [E]rik Player
mega_man icon SG | Minedrix Player
pyra_and_mythra icon 悪玉 | Saphira_666 Player
dark_pit icon Nachtland Player
roy icon inklink89 Player
joker icon AHS | Carii Player
shulk icon DD | Cookies Player
random icon Cial Coach Player
bowser_jr icon UI | TMario Player
yoshi icon Ebay Player
zero_suit_samus icon BERG | Sirjon Player
ness icon SC | ozan Player
link icon RCADIA | Niceface Player TO
mii_gunner icon MF | Tosan_Yu Caster Designer Player Streamer
pyra_and_mythra icon Ani4Real Player
fox icon Heu Player
ryu icon AllStars | Ruisu Player
joker icon Toaster154 Player Streamer
rob icon SSP | Longo Player
wario icon RLB | Takahashi Player
daisy icon Konrad Player
mega_man icon DNL Player
ness icon PJ Player
roy icon Rinor Player
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