Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
zero_suit_samus icon
Noob None -
LFT | Royal
little_mac icon ness icon cloud icon
Intermediate A large amount 44.67 %
byleth icon robin icon
Intermediate A little -
悪玉 | Sir Miki Beginner None -
sora icon
Noob None -
yoshi icon bowser icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
SWN | Sinimini
ice_climbers icon mr_game_and_watch icon king_k_rool icon
Intermediate A lot 50.0 %
marth icon mewtwo icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Advanced None -
greninja icon steve icon joker icon
Doing okay A lot 62.5 %
sephiroth icon joker icon corrin icon
Advanced None -
joker icon joker icon byleth icon
Advanced None -
OSGG | sol
falco icon yoshi icon
Doing okay None -
marth icon wario icon king_k_rool icon
Advanced None -
Starchild Nezumi
marth icon pyra_and_mythra icon robin icon
Beginner None -
cloud icon
Intermediate A lot 61.9 %
joker icon marth icon
Beginner None -
WeS | F-A-!-A
luigi icon mewtwo icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Professional A large amount 75.17 %
captain_falcon icon donkey_kong icon ganondorf icon
Beginner None -
roy icon
Intermediate None -
sonic icon
Intermediate Some -
wolf icon ness icon
Intermediate Some -
joker icon
Intermediate None -
BSW | Flann
rob icon hero icon
Advanced Some 44.0 %
NJ | Lex
sora icon young_link icon
Advanced A little 50.0 %
samus icon
Advanced Some -
villager icon
Advanced A lot 33.33 %
CF | Kech
pichu icon cloud icon dr_mario icon
Advanced None -
king_dedede icon
Intermediate A little -
wolf icon byleth icon pit icon
Intermediate None -
mario icon
Doing okay A lot 32.65 %
pyra_and_mythra icon mewtwo icon
Advanced None -
pac_man icon
Doing okay A large amount 36.7 %
diddy_kong icon sephiroth icon
Intermediate A little -
yoshi icon
Intermediate Some 0.0 %
bowser icon king_k_rool icon villager icon
Advanced Some -
Bruh | Realtalk
pichu icon lucario icon jigglypuff icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
inkling icon
Intermediate None -
fox icon terry icon ike icon
Noob None -
sora icon ness icon
Intermediate A lot 53.91 %
pokemon_trainer icon
Doing okay None -
corrin icon ridley icon
Doing okay A little -
Snarl | Esvee
duck_hunt icon wolf icon mega_man icon
Intermediate Some 53.57 %
Kunai Kazekun
toon_link icon corrin icon random icon
Expert A large amount 68.6 %
diddy_kong icon marth icon banjo_and_kazooie icon
Otherworldly A large amount 45.38 %
captain_falcon icon bowser icon wolf icon
Advanced A large amount 40.91 %
ness icon
Doing okay A little -
joker icon terry icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
TGM | Palres
wolf icon
Noob A lot 32.47 %
bowser icon
Advanced Some -
HIVE | quiK
samus icon
Professional A large amount 90.17 %
Gamer tag Federal state Age Gender Comment
zero_suit_samus icon Boahannah BY image Bavaria 20 Female
little_mac icon LFT | Royal 23 Male Who needs recover when you have gloves.
byleth icon Yuzu BY image Bavaria 23 Female
悪玉 | Sir Miki
sora icon Robix BY image Bavaria Male
yoshi icon TrueYoshi BW image Baden-Württemberg 19 Male
ice_climbers icon SWN | Sinimini BY image Bavaria 16 Male
marth icon Filius NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 20 Male Guten Tag, mein Name ist Filius und mein Ziel ist es über...
greninja icon Nam 21 Male
sephiroth icon Nebula BW image Baden-Württemberg 19 Male Ich bin ein ziemlicher nerd. Das ist so ziemlich alles
joker icon ImRubyRose350 SN image Saxony 24 Male
falco icon OSGG | sol NI image Lower Saxony
marth icon Blaze27 NI image Lower Saxony 16 Male Schach ist echt geil
marth icon Starchild Nezumi BY image Bavaria 23 Male
cloud icon Inkami BY image Bavaria 16 Male
joker icon L0st NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 21 Male
luigi icon WeS | F-A-!-A NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male
captain_falcon icon Panig RP image Rhineland Palatinate 24 Male
roy icon ImTheAiman HE image Hesse 19 Male
sonic icon Kerem NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 19 Male
wolf icon Gemtry BE image Berlin 18 Male
joker icon Rappi NI image Lower Saxony 19 Male
rob icon BSW | Flann SN image Saxony 22 Male
sora icon NJ | Lex BB image Brandenburg 32 Male
samus icon EGL.TV | IB RP image Rhineland Palatinate Male
villager icon TofuTaku BY image Bavaria
pichu icon CF | Kech NI image Lower Saxony Male Biber.
king_dedede icon XenonBeast NI image Lower Saxony 20 Male
wolf icon Kurodayoo
mario icon Krazzy BY image Bavaria 38 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Ruettl NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 21 Male
pac_man icon Ben 22 Male
diddy_kong icon Kide( NI image Lower Saxony 17 Male monke
yoshi icon Hydra NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 30 Male
bowser icon FATIHBREEE BY image Bavaria 18 Male JO
pichu icon Bruh | Realtalk ST image Saxony-Anhalt 43 Other
inkling icon Alartro HE image Hesse 17 Male
fox icon Duhini NI image Lower Saxony 25 Male
sora icon Tikao BE image Berlin 26 Male
pokemon_trainer icon todt#1337 NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 23 Male
corrin icon Firemg NI image Lower Saxony 30 Male Schaut vorbei. Monatlich Bump...
duck_hunt icon Snarl | Esvee 23 Male Can
toon_link icon Kunai Kazekun NW image Northrhine-Westphalia Male
diddy_kong icon BoJo NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 25 Male Folgt @doomafterhours !!
captain_falcon icon INVITE | S N 1 P S SN image Saxony 29 Male
ness icon ObstBauerMichael NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 27 Male
joker icon Aquario NW image Northrhine-Westphalia 22 Male
wolf icon TGM | Palres RP image Rhineland Palatinate Male
bowser icon Smittywerben HE image Hesse 19 Male
HIVE | quiK HE image Hesse Male very ok Samus
Gamer tag Roles
zero_suit_samus icon Boahannah Player
little_mac icon LFT | Royal Player
byleth icon Yuzu Player
悪玉 | Sir Miki
sora icon Robix Player
yoshi icon TrueYoshi Player
ice_climbers icon SWN | Sinimini Player
marth icon Filius Player
greninja icon Nam Player
sephiroth icon Nebula Player
joker icon ImRubyRose350 Player
falco icon OSGG | sol Player TO
marth icon Blaze27 Player
marth icon Starchild Nezumi Player
cloud icon Inkami Player
joker icon L0st Player
luigi icon WeS | F-A-!-A Content creator Player Streamer
captain_falcon icon Panig Player
roy icon ImTheAiman Player
sonic icon Kerem Player
wolf icon Gemtry Player
joker icon Rappi Player
rob icon BSW | Flann Caster Player Team manager TO
sora icon NJ | Lex Player
samus icon EGL.TV | IB Caster Coach Content creator Player Streamer
villager icon TofuTaku Player Streamer Team manager TO
pichu icon CF | Kech Caster Coach Designer Player Team manager
king_dedede icon XenonBeast Player
wolf icon Kurodayoo Player
mario icon Krazzy Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Ruettl Player
pac_man icon Ben Player
diddy_kong icon Kide( Player
yoshi icon Hydra Player
bowser icon FATIHBREEE Player
pichu icon Bruh | Realtalk Player
inkling icon Alartro Player
fox icon Duhini Player
sora icon Tikao Player TO
pokemon_trainer icon todt#1337 Player
corrin icon Firemg Player Streamer TO
duck_hunt icon Snarl | Esvee Player
toon_link icon Kunai Kazekun Player
diddy_kong icon BoJo Player
captain_falcon icon INVITE | S N 1 P S Player
ness icon ObstBauerMichael Player
joker icon Aquario Player
wolf icon TGM | Palres Player TO
bowser icon Smittywerben Player
HIVE | quiK Player
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